International Week of Deaf 2021 Day 7: Human Rights in Time of Crisis

Today is the 7th day of the International Week of Deaf 2021! Watch our latest video to learn about the significance of today’s theme!

International week of the Deaf has come to an end! Today 26 September is the last day! Today’s theme is - Human Rights in Time of Crisis. Currently the world is facing so many problems like spread of diseases, climate change, earthquake, floods, forest fires, wars, etc. When this happens and there is a problem, Deaf people do not receive accessibility and are unable to communicate because there is no Sign Language. Plus Deaf people who are poor face more problems and the Deaf oppressed. When the COVID pandemic started in India, Deaf people faced so many problems communicating with their doctors as everyone was wearing masks. Deaf people did not understand news as everything was in the spoken language. All this has shown that we have to come up with different solutions to ensure deaf dont face problems like providing interpreters, making TV channels accessible, creating awareness etc. Today we all have to show the world during a problem it is important to make sure Deaf receive accessibility so that they do not suffer.