International Week of Deaf 2021 Day 3 : Sign Languages for all Deaf Learners

Today is the 3RD day of the International Week of Deaf 2021! Watch our latest video to learn about the significance of today’s theme!

Today 22 September is the 3rd day of International week of the Deaf (IWD). During these 7 days each day has a special theme. Today’s theme is ‘Sign Languages for all Deaf Learners’ . It means that Sign Language is the native language of all Deaf individuals and it is their human right. Learning sign language from birth from fluent sign language teachers is very important for Deaf children. It helps their brain develop properly and helps them to take part in the society and not remain isolated. Once a Deaf child learns Sign Language, they are able to quickly pick up other spoken languages like Hindi, English etc and help them to read and write as well. 

Currently many Deaf children are born into families where their parents do not use Sign Language. Hence, the government must provide Sign Language courses to such families so that they can learn Sign Language and communicate with their children. Governments must also provide quality teachers fluent in Sign Language so that Deaf children can study well, grasp other languages and achieve their dreams.