Importance of Brisk Walking

Brisk Walking is one of the easiest and most effective workouts. Watch our latest video to learn its benefits.

Brisk Walking is one of the easiest and most effective workouts. The key to scoring a great outcome from this form of exercise is to maintain a pace that gives your heart and lungs a challenging time (but not so hard that you run out of steam too quickly.

1. Good for Heart

Brisk walking is beneficial for the heart as it helps improve your artery health, and counters heart disease. Studies suggest that walking for at least 40 minutes many times every week reduces the risk of heart failure by almost 25% among post-menopausal women. Another study from the University of Ferrara shows that heart patients who walk regularly are hospitalized less.

2. Improves Immunity

Brisk walking on a regular basis helps us stay active and so prevents many diseases. A daily walking routine improves the immune system by generating T-cells, which are the killer cells that attack infections in your body. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School found that people who walked everyday caught common cold 25% times less than those with a sedentary lifestyle.

3. Controls High Blood Pressure

Regular brisk walking helps in improving blood circulation and controlling high blood pressure. It is important to keep blood pressure in check to prevent heart attack, stroke and other conditions.

4.Strengthens Muscles

Brisk walking is usually one of the major exercises in any fitness program. Brisk walking helps to strengthen the muscles. It increases flexibility in your muscles and is good for overall endurance also. Regular brisk walking can help burn calories and tighten the muscles in your leg, back and abdomen areas.

5. Benefits Mental Health

Brisk walking helps the body and mind also. Walking 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes may enhance (improve) mood. Brisk walking makes your heart beat faster which releases hormones and chemicals in the body. These help to improve a person's mood and give them a feeling of positivity. It can also improve sleep quality and brain power.