Holi: 5 Safety Tips and Precautions for Kids

Here are five safety tips and precautions for kids to play it safe this Holi.

Holi is here and we cannot keep calm. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the festival of colors, especially children. While we prepare to get drenched in Holi water, it is also important to ensure the safety of our kids to avoid any sudden mishaps. 

Here are five safety tips and precautions for kids to play it safe this Holi.

  1. Safe and eco-friendly colors

Synthetic colors contain harmful chemicals that can damage your child's skin and cause rashes. Herbal and organic colors don’t have chemicals.  Buy your kids eco-friendly and herbal colors that are easy to wash off and safe for your skin. You can also make natural organic colors at home by using turmeric, henna, sandalwood, and flowers, etc.

  1. Avoid water balloons and use pichkaris’ safely

Keep an eye on your kids while they are playing with color or water to avoid untoward incidents or injuries. Water balloons can be fun to play with but they aren't safe and can hurt them. So, keep them away from your little ones. Ask your kids to use water guns and pichkaris safely and avoid spraying water on someone's face, eyes, and ears.

  1. Appropriate clothes

Make your child wear clothing that covers as much skin as possible, like a full-sleeved shirt and full bottoms. 

This will prevent colors from directly coming in contact with their skin. Make them change their wet clothes soon after the event.

  1.  Take care of their skin

Before your child heads out to play Holi, apply coconut oil or olive oil all over their body. The oil acts as a protective layer and prevents the colors from sticking to the body. You can also apply a moisturizing cream if the oil feels too greasy.

  1. Oil your kid's hair

Massage some coconut oil into your child's hair before they head out. Little girls who have long tresses must tie up their hair in a neat bun or ponytail to avoid hair fall and damage. After oiling their hair, wrap a scarf or cap over their head for some extra protection. 

This Holi, take care of yourself and your kids by following these tips. 

Happy Holi.