Health Benefits of Persimmon

Do you know there is a fruit that looks like a tomato which has numerous health benefits? In today’s video, we’ll talk about the health benefits of persimmon.

Tomato is one of the quintessential things that could be found in every kitchen. But did you know there is a fruit that looks like a tomato? No, we are not talking about tomatoes themselves, but a fruit called persimmon. These look a lot like tomatoes on the basis of their shape and structure. One can confuse this fruit to be a tomato.  The only difference is that, unlike tomatoes, this fruit comes in yellow and dark orange. It is also known as Japani Phal in Hindi. This is a sweet fruit found in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Nilgiri Hills. They are much less savoury and sweeter than compared to tomatoes. Persimmon’s texture is quite similar to a peach and chikoo. The skin of this fruit is thicker than that of a tomato. This is one such seasonal fruit that doctors advise eating in winter. This fruit is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, including vitamin C and dietary fibre. Let us know its health benefits in detail.  

It is very essential for diabetics to be watchful about their diet. Some fruits have high sugar content and it might have a bad impact on their health. But persimmon is something that diabetics can eat. This fruit can even help in lowering blood sugar levels. Persimmons have a good amount of iron and thus, can do wonders for those suffering from anaemia. It can also help in boosting energy levels. Besides, with the presence of vitamin B6, persimmon also helps in curing heart-related ailments as well as kidney stones. Persimmons have a good amount of Vitamin A and regular consumption can promote good eye health. It can help in getting rid of conjunctivitis. 

Persimmon has potent anti-cancer qualities as well. Persimmons, being a very good source of calcium and phosphorus, can help promote good growth and development of the foetus. This fruit is also a good option for pregnant women as it helps to relieve constipation and make the bowel movement soft. You can also eat it raw or in a form of juice. On this note, let us give you a quick and easy recipe of persimmon juice.


  • 2 persimmons 

  • 1 green apple 


  • Chop persimmon and green apple. 

  • Put them into a blender and blend them into juice. 

  • Pour into a glass and enjoy!