Health Benefits of Laughter

Research has shown that there are many health benefits of laughter. Watch our latest video to learn all about its benefits.

Research has shown that there are many health benefits of laughter. Till now studies have shown that laughter can help relieve pain, bring happiness, and even increase immunity. One study suggests that healthy children may laugh as much as 400 times per day, but adults tend to laugh only 15 times per day. This is because adults tend to be more stressed. 

Here are some of the many ways laughter reduces stress.


Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones. It also increases the level of health-enhancing hormones. 

Internal Workout

A good belly laugh exercises the diaphragm, contracts the abs, and shoulders. After which your muscles are more relaxed. It even provides a good workout for the heart.


Laughter shifts the focus away from anger, guilt, stress, and negative emotions.



Humour can give us a more light-hearted perspective to a situation and help us view events as challenges, which makes them more positive.

Social Benefits

Laughter connects us with others. Laughter is contagious. So, if you bring more laughter into your life, you can help others around you to laugh more and they also can get the benefits of laughter. If you improve the mood of those around you, you can reduce their stress levels and this will improve your social interaction with them, which in turn reduces your stress level.

You can get more laughter in your life with the following strategies.

Going to a movie or a comedy club with friends is a great way to get more laughter in your life. The contagious effects of laughter may mean you will laugh more during the show.