Health Benefits of Lal Bhaji - Red Amaranth

In today’s release, let us talk about a super food specially found during winter. Let us tell you about a few health benefits of Red Amaranth or Lal Bhaji.

Winter is at the peak and the best thing about winter is that you can add a new vegetable to your plate seven days a week. Vegetables come in such a variety that it is impossible to count the rest of the vegetables. Spinach, fenugreek, radish vegetables, Sua's vegetables just go on counting. Among the green vegetables, there is a vegetable which is called the red vegetable. Although lal bhaji is counted among green vegetables only, but because of its colour, it is called lal bhaji. Which looks somewhat like spinach. However, there is a world of difference between the taste and quality of both of them.

Actually, Amaranth comes in both red and green colour. Generally, green coloured vegetables are known as Chaulai. But do you know this delicious winter recipe comes with a ton of health benefits too? In today’s release, let us discuss a few of them.

  1. It strengthens the digestive system. It is also advised to eat its stalk. In which there is a good amount of fibers. These fibers help in better and faster digestion.

  2. It is also high in iron. Due to which it removes the complaint of anemia. 

  3. Lal Bhaji is also beneficial for eyesight and health. The reason is the vitamins A and C are present in it, which helps in strengthening of the eyesight and helps the individual to have a clearer vision and lesser chances of having a weak eyesight problem.

  4. Diarrhea is controlled to a great extent by its soup.

  5.  It is also capable of strengthening hair. With its regular use, you can get healthier, thicker and longer hair.

  6. It controls the insulin level in the blood and helps with chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity.

  7. Eating red vegetables also reduces the risk of cancer to a great extent.

  8. Moreover, if a pregnant mother consumes it then it has a good effect on the brain of the child growing in the womb. It is believed that this increases the memory of the baby and help the unborn baby with a sharper mind and higher IQ.