Health Benefits of Buttermilk (Chaas)

This summer season, instead of fizzy and sugary drinks opt for a healthier alternative - Buttermilk/Chaas! Watch our latest video to learn all about its benefits.

Now that the summer heat has started and everyone has started chugging their favourite cool drinks to beat the heat. But this summer give diet sodas and choose some healthy options. The best option is Buttermilk or Chaach. Many doctors and nutritionists recommend it. It contains many vitamins and minerals. Often, spices such as cumin powder, pepper, ginger, green chillies, curry leaves and coriander leaves are crushed and added to the mixture to enhance its taste and benefits. 

Here are the benefits of chaach or buttermilk. 

1. It is a good source of calcium, vitamins, proteins and it can be included in the diet on a regular basis. Low in fats, buttermilk contains bacteria which helps in improving the body’s immunity and hence is very healthy. 

2. If you suffer from acidity after eating a heavy or spicy meal, drink a glass of chaas instead of popping medicines. It is both delicious and healthy, making it the perfect accompaniment to your meals. It’s also a great way to cool off the stomach.

3. Buttermilk detoxifies the body, cleanses the intestines and relieves constipation. 

4. As over 90 per cent of buttermilk is water, its consumption helps to maintain the water balance of the body. It is better to drink buttermilk than any other flavoured drink.

5. Buttermilk is easy to digest and is a good option for people who cannot tolerate lactose.