Part 10 | Haunted Places in India | The GP Block & Ramoji Film City

Have you ever been to a film set that is haunted in real life and not just in the film? Well what if we tell you about one such place where horror movies are not just shot but Ghosts are even felt in

We now bring to you the 10th part of the Haunted series. In this video, we will talk about 2 places. 


Meerut’s GP Block, Uttar Pradesh 

Some other places are thought to be haunted because they are abandoned and left alone for a long time which sends out a haunting vibe. Meerut’s GP Block which is in the army area is one such place.

This block has three buildings that have been abandoned since the 1930s. No one lives here or even dares to live here because the place is believed to be haunted. There are stories of people spotting a woman dressed in red sitting on the rooftop or four men sitting inside the house drinking beer or sometimes even sitting on the rooftop. According to a report by a newspaper, a family of six people was asked to stay on the ground floor of the building as caretakers by the Army. While none of the others found anything haunted for over six months, the mother said she saw a lady wearing red and was scared. We can’t say for sure what the truth really is but would you dare to go here?


Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad 

The next on this video is none other than the very famous “Ramoji Film City” in Hyderabad. One of India’s biggest film cities, Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad attracts about 10 Lakh visitors every year.  Ramoji Film city is a place where several movies are shot. It is not just a film city but also a tourist attraction and also a place where visitors can stay in the premium hotels in its large campus. While shooting for several movies in Ramoji Film City, the crew has experienced supernatural incidents. There have been incidents of lights falling off on their own, or lightmen being pushed by an invisible force from great heights that has injured them. Many actresses too have felt something supernatural in their green room and it seems that the ghosts have something fishy for women and they have at times ripped and torn their clothes too. Incidents of half-eaten food in the room if you leave it for some time are also common. Some guests heard soft talkings as well. 

However, the officials at Ramoji Film City have never confirmed any of these haunted stories. The story goes that the film city is built on battlefields of Nizam and the spirits belong to the soldiers who lost their lives but continue to haunt people who come here. So, If you are planning a visit to Ramoji Film City and are brave enough to find out more, book a stay in one of its hotel rooms. And do share with