Gulab Jamun, Samosa, Jalebi Not From India

At times we forget that the food we take our pride in sometimes doesn’t even belong to us. See the video to know which popular food is not actually of Indian origin.

Boasting around our food and roasting other cultures for their low spice tolerance is probably the favorite pastime of every Indian. But at times we forget that the food we take our pride in sometimes doesn’t even belong to us originally.

You might have all eaten Momos. It is found almost everywhere in India. There are steamed, fried, pan-fried and even tandoori momos! But do you know that Momos is not an Indian food? Our neighboring country, Nepal, brought it to us. It is believed that momos were brought to India by the Newar merchants during their trade process. It is still unclear and no one really knows the actual story but god bless those merchants.

Those steaming hot, crispy samosas filled with peas & potatoes or the rich kheema samosas are loved by each and every Indian. It has become a favorite snack for all. But sadly even Samosas aren’t Indian. It is an original Middle eastern food. When middle eastern traders came to India, that time Indians copied their delicious samosa recipe. 

The original name for Gulab Jamun was Lomka and it belonged to Iran and the Mediterranean regions like Albania, Egypt, France,  Italy, etc.  

A strong hot cup of chai is something we Indians proudly present to our guests. Every Indian household has their own secret blend of Chai masala. Sadly India’s favourite drink is not Indian but actually from China. When the British came to India, they grew Tea in India and since then it became a part of our culture and our daily lives. 

Dal rice is a meal eaten from the richest man to the poorest man in India. It is the heart of every Indian no matter which part of the country we are in. This dish is actually from Nepal and I am glad India copied it because we now have items like dal tak, dal fry, dal makhni, jeera rice, ghee rice, pulav, etc. 

Dosas and Idli are a very popular south Indian dish and sometimes even the very favorite breakfast for the people. But it is actually from Indonesia. And it came to India by the Arabs. 

There are many such favorite Indian dishes that foreign origins. Like Jalebi is from the middle east, the famous goan dish Vindaloo & Bengali dish Shukto is from Portugal. Despite their foreign origins, these dishes are part of Indian culture and a favorite of all.