Eating Curd According to the Ayurveda

Indian Ayurveda considers curd an important & essential part of a balanced diet. It has also given a complete guide on how, when, and with what the curd must be consumed.

Curd is a staple Indian household item. We all eat curd in different forms. Some eat it raw, some add vegetables to make raita, and some make it into chaas or lassi. Curd is also used as an ingredient in many Indian recipes. According to Hinduism, eating curd & sugar brings good luck & prosperity. It is also used in Indian rituals and for health & beauty remedies. But why is Curd so important to consume, and what is the right way to eat it? Well, our Ayurveda has the answer to these questions. Indian Ayurveda considers curd an essential contributor to a healthy body. Curd is the fermented form of milk.This bacteria is found in the air & on the surface of the milk. When this bacteria is mixed with the milk, the lactic acid makes the milk thick, acidic & sour creating curd. Indian Ayurveda suggests consuming curd because its probiotics improve digestion, enhance skin health, improve metabolism, boost immunity, and reduce stress. Curd provides calcium to the body which is essential to maintain the strength of our bones. It is also an excellent source of protein, and our bodies need protein for the growth & repair of tissues & muscles. Curd provides several vitamins to the body. It is also a source of vitamin A which ensures healthy skin & eyesight. Curd is also a great source of zinc, magnesium & phosphorus. Ayurveda considers curd a heavy food digest. Therefore, it recommends curd consumption in moderate quantities during breakfast or lunch. Eating curd at night or regularly can disturb the sleep cycle & cause digestive problems. People with certain health conditions must consult their doctors before consuming curd. Excessive consumption or wrong consumption of curd can cause indigestion, constipation, bloating (gas), weight gain, joint pain, etc. Therefore, it's very important that curd is consumed moderately & correctly. Ayurveda regards curd as an important & essential part of a balanced diet. It has many benefits and can be advantageous to the human body if consumed in the right quantity with the right food at the right time.