Different Types of Number Plates of India & Their Meanings

There are 8 different types of vehicle number plates in India and each number plate denotes specific information about the vehicle. Let’s find out what different number plates in India mean.

In India, every vehicle on the road needs to have a number plate. But have you ever noticed that not all number plates look the same? Let’s explore the different types of number plates and what they mean:

White Number Plate: This is the most common type of number plate seen on private cars. It has black numbers and letters on a white background. These plates are for vehicles bought for personal use.

Yellow Number Plate: Taxis, buses, trucks, and other transport vehicles have yellow number plates with black letters and numbers. It helps identify them as commercial vehicles.

Black Number Plate: Self-rental vehicles like bikes and cars have black number plates with yellow letters and numbers. Even though they are commercial vehicles, drivers don’t need a commercial license to drive them.

Green Number Plate: Electric vehicles in India have green number plates. Commercial electric vehicles have green plates with yellow letters, while private electric vehicles have green plates with white letters.

Red Number Plate: New vehicles with temporary registration numbers use red number plates with white numbers. These plates are valid for only 30 days and are not allowed in some states.

Blue Number Plate: Vehicles belonging to foreign missions and embassies in India have blue number plates with white letters. The plates may also show special letters like CC or UN to denote their diplomatic status.

Number Plate with Upward-Pointing Arrow: Military vehicles use number plates with an upward-pointing arrow at the beginning. These plates have yellow or white letters on a black background and are issued by the Ministry of Defense.

Red Number Plate with India’s Emblem: Official vehicles of high-ranking government officials like the President, Vice President, Governors, and Lieutenant Governors have red number plates with India’s emblem in gold.

These different types of number plates help identify the purpose or status of the vehicle. Next time you’re on the road, take a moment to notice the type of number plates around you. It’s a small detail that tells an interesting story about the vehicle you’re seeing.