Can Eating Rusk With Tea Kill You?

Did you know that rusks include high levels of gluten, processed flour, and sugar, none of which are considered healthy?

Have you ever had tea with a rusk? Rusk consumption with a steaming cup of morning tea is a common practice in the majority of Indian households. However, researchers believe that this classic combination is silently damaging your health. Here are some shocking reasons why your favourite toast may not be the best choice for your health.

6 Side Effects Of Consuming Rusks Every Day

1. Rusks contain a lot of gluten. Gluten is naturally found in some grains like wheat, barley, and a lot of grains. Many food items are made from these grains - wheat flour, Maida, cakes, cookies, bread, rusk, etc. So all these contain gluten. Gluten is difficult for the body to digest. People who have Celiac diseases (problems related to the abdomen) face symptoms like bloating, pain, and diarrhea. Rusks should be avoided by people who have Celiac disease since they might aggravate the symptoms. 

2. Rusk contains a considerable amount of sugar, which raises blood sugar levels. This can cause serious disorders like diabetes.

3. Very rarely semolina (rava) is used in rusks. Most rusks either contain flour or have flour mixed with some amount of semolina. It is not easy to digest. This contributes to weight gain. It can disrupt your digestive system if consumed on a daily basis.

4. Rusk can raise blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which then increase the risk of heart attack and stroke when consumed regularly in a large quantity.

5.  Rusk increases the risk of intestinal blisters, which can lead to bloating, indigestion, poor digestion, constipation, and a number of other problems.

6. Rusk is high in carbohydrates, and when paired with milk tea, it can lead to obesity, and increase the risk of heart disease.

So even if having a couple of Rusk with a hot cup of tea is your favorite morning breakfast routine, you should avoid eating it on a daily basis. Did you know about these side effects of eating Rusk? Do mention your thoughts in the comment section below.