Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

How cold showers can help you to lead a healthier life with some astonishing health benefits

Who doesn't like those steamy hot showers after a long day at work? But What if we tell you that just by replacing that 20 Minutes hot shower of satisfaction with 20 Minutes of discomfort can change your life completely?

Yes, you heard it right, Right from good skin to better oxygen intake capacity, Cold showers come with a little discomfort but offer us hundreds of other health benefits in return.

What actually happens when the Cold water touches your body?

When we use cold water for a couple of minutes our body experiences a sense of shock which is actually very good for health.

As according to various studies and researches made by some health experts this little sense of shock has some major health benefits like it:

-Increases your blood circulation:

Increased circulation is one of the top reasons experts recommend cold showers,

As cold water hits your body, the blood flow automatically becomes better and smoother.This causes blood to circulate at faster rates to maintain ideal body temperature, in simpler words cold showers helps in preventing heart diseases.

-Better healing potential from several types of muscle injuries: 

Since Cold water has a very good regenerative capacity, it helps your muscles to heal quickly. If you are someone who had a muscle injury recently caused by an intense workout in a gym, or while playing badminton- cold water automatically becomes your very good friend.

Also you might have heard the concept of ice cold baths, if not already ice baths are the extremely cold showers which are mostly given to athletes and sports person with muscle injuries, or even sometimes it is taken as a precaution after a warm day at field to prevent the sports person from any muscle pulls or muscle injuries.

-Better Skin and Hair Quality: 

Using hot water for showers can significantly affect your hair and skin quality, prolonged usage of hot water for showers can not only cause hair fall, but it can also result in several skin conditions like dryness, itchiness and redness. Also using cold water for showers not only prevents these skin conditions but also significantly  reduces skin itchiness.

-Helps in boosting weight loss: When our body is exposed to cold water, in order to bring back the body's temperature to the optimal temperature the cells in our body start burning fats, which ultimately helps us in losing weight. So if you are someone who really wants to remain in good shape & you don't have time to workout, replacing your hot showers with cold showers can definitely help you.

-Helps us to wake up in the morning: This might sound like a very strange benefit to you if you are a morning person who has no problems waking up in the morning, but if you are someone who love their blanket and pillow more than you love anything else, Cold showers can help you to get you over your laziness soon after you wake up in the morning as it has benefits like increasing alertness, better oxygen intake capacity, and increased heart rate.

In our opinion the above listed qualities should be more than enough for you to let your geyser take some rest while you enjoy the health benefits of showering with cold water. 

Although Cold showers come along with several health benefits you should avoid taking Cold Sprays if you are sick or suffering from cough and cold.