Benefits of Coco Cola - Watch and Learn!

The video demonstrates alternative uses for Coca-Cola in cleaning, without addressing the health drawbacks of consuming cold drinks.

You all are aware that drinking Coco Cola is very unhealthy. But there are benefits of it. Let me tell you about it.

  1. If your chewing gum is stuck on your hair, don't panic. Don't get your hair cut out of fear. Just put your hair in a bowl of coke, keep it for a few minutes and take it off. It will be removed very easily.

  2. Add washing powder to a cola, shake it well and spray it all over the toilet. The yellow stains will be gone.

  3. Put any rust wrench or any type of tools on a glass and pour cola and keep it for half an hour. Wipe it with a towel and it will be cleaned.

  4. Mix cola with dish soap, shake it well and spray it on kitchen grease. Wipe it and it will look new.

  5. If there is a scale in the kettle, pour a small bottle of cola inside it and heat then throw the cola it will be like new. 

  6. This is a very popular hack of car cleaning from coke. If your car’s window or tires, windshield are dirty or rusty, take a bottle of coke, attach a sprayer and spray it. Keep it for sometime and wash it. It will look clean and look like new.

Did you see it's so easy and cost saving? We have also released one video of ‘Why Should You Not Have Cold Drinks?’ Pls watch it if you have not seen the video: