A Lake in Argentina Turns Pink in Colour

A lake in Argentine has turned pink due due to the chemical sodium sulfite.

A lake in Argentina’s Patagonia region near Rawson city which is spread across an area of 10 to 15 hectares has turned into a bright pink colour. Plus there is a bad smell coming from the lake. Images of the lake went viral on social media and people were very shocked. Near the lake there is a factory that packages Prawns and exports it to various countries. Prawns can not stay fresh for a long time. This is why the factory adds a chemical Sodium Sulfite to the prawn which helps the prawns to stay fresh and prevents it from spoiling. After adding the chemical to the prawns, all the waste dirty water is let into the river. Since the chemical sodium sulfite was also present in the waste water, it turned the river pink in colour. The factory is required by law to purify their waste water before dumping it in the lake. Everyday trucks of waste water from the factory would go to another factory to purify the water. But the residents of Rawson city got fed up as the trucks would stink a lot. So they allowed the factory to dump the waste directly into the water which has now turned pink in colour.  Experts say that this is very bad for the environment and the government needs to take strict action.