6 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

People always ignore their dental health and suffer severe issues in the future. Watch this video to learn the various measures you can take to have strong and healthy teeth.

We always neglect taking care of our teeth and think that brushing twice a day is enough. But, if you want to continue eating and chewing your food, then you must remember to keep them clean and strong. According to WHO, around 60-90 per cent school children and almost 90 per cent adults have dental cavities. 

This is because people just do not care for their teeth. People with Teeth problems are getting younger and younger. Lack of awareness or laziness and not enough stress on dental health leads to poor oral health. Another reason is the increased exposure to sticky and refined foods and reduced intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Yellow teeth has also become very common among people. The simple reason for this is that you do not care for your teeth. Do you know Coffee, Tea, Red Wine, Sodas, etc are the main reason for making your teeth yellow.

We all struggle with these problems. So let me give you a few tips to help you get the best smile. 

  1. Brush After Every Meal: 

You all know to brush twice a day. However it is better if you brush after every meal. Especially after you eat something sweet, stick or a heavy meal.Brushing after every meal will make sure there is no food stuck in your teeth. When teeth gets stuck in between your teeth and you do not brush, it leads to cavities. And over time the cavities get worse and will give many problems. When you do not brush often a sticky film starts building on your teeth. This is called  plaque and it contains lots of bacteria. So make sure you brush often 

for at least 2-minutes and take your time, moving the toothbrush in gentle, circular motions. 

You all must have seen our elders chewing on a twig instead of using a brush. We all just make a face and use our fancy toothbrushes. However let me tell you it is one of the most natural and healthy way to keep your teeth clean. It is actually a Neem Twig. It helps to prevent cavities, keeps the gums strong and your teeth white. So try it and see for yourself. 

  1. Flossing:  

Many people are afraid of flossing and think it is not important. However it is extremely. Flossing helps to remove small food particles stuck between the teeth and helps to keep the gums healthy as well. At first it will be difficult, but as you keep doing it, you will see the difference and your teeth will be healthy. 

  1. Use a Mouthwash:  

Sometimes brushing and flossing also do not remove food particles that may be stuck in the teeth. When you use a mouthwash and gargle it removes food particles and also plaque stuck in your teeth. You should try to use a mouthwash after every time you brush. 

  1. Eat Fruits & Vegetables. 

When you eat Fruits & Vegetables, the mouth produces more saliva to help you chew. This saliva also helps to keep your teeth healthy and protect against bacteria. So make sure you eat fruits and veggies everyday. 

  1. Avoid Sugar & Beverages 

Sugar and beverages such as Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, Red Wine, Sodas, etc are very bad for your teeth. They make your teeth yellow and cause cavities. So avoid these to have stronger teeth. 


  1. Visit The Dentist

We always neglect visiting the dentist thinking its a waste of money or we are just lazy. No matter how healthy your teeth, you should try to visit a dentist twice a year.  A cleaning session at the dentist will remove all the plaque stuck in your teeth and he will also be able to see if there are any cavities and help save your teeth any future problems.