5 Benefits of Head Massage

A head massage is an ideal way to relax as it provides you with sensory pleasure and helps to relieve symptoms of headache and migraine.

A head massage is an ideal way to relax. It helps to relieve symptoms of headache and migraine. It helps boost your memory and improves the blood circulation in your neck and head area. A good head massage also strengthens the hair roots and aids in sound sleep. Let's see the benefits in detail.

  1.  Provides relief from migraines 

If you are someone who suffers from migraine headaches, then a good head massage is extremely important for you to relieve the pain. Migraine pain starts slowly and then turns into severe pain and sometimes becomes unbearable. A proper head massage with a focus on certain pressure points can help to relieve the pain. It can also improve blood flow to the brain.

  1. Helps deal with stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are major problems in today's times. They can also lead to further health issues like depression, insomnia and digestive problems. However, you can de-stress with a head massage as it improves blood circulation. Try applying pressure to the point that lies between your eyebrows to help relieve stress and anxiety.

  1. Lowers blood pressure

A good head massage can also help to reduce blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to serious heart diseases, heart attacks, and strokes. According to research, a regular head massage can reduce your stress and normalize your blood pressure levels.

  1. Helps cure insomnia

Insomnia is where a person finds it difficult to fall asleep. The condition is usually caused by stress, unhealthy diets, and irregular sleeping schedules. However, a good head massage can help you get a sound sleep as it will deeply calm your mind and help you relax.

  1. Improves concentration

A proper head massage increases the blood circulation in the brain. This in turn can help to make your memory better and improve your concentration levels. Now that I have told you about the benefits of head massage. Now let me tell you how to do a head massage at home. 

Doing head massage at home: 

You can easily do a head massage at home with your fingertips. Start by applying light to medium pressure on your head and neck and massage gently for five minutes. You can also use some essential oil for a more relaxing effect. You all now know the benefits of head massage and how to do head massage at home, so go ahead regularly do head massage to stay healthy and stress free.