4 Healthy Smoothie Bowl for Summer | Satvic Movement

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Today we're going to prepare 4 extremely tasty smoothie bowls for a healthy and filling breakfast option. A smoothie bowl is like a thick & creamy shake made by blending fruits, nut milks, and dry fruits which we can enjoy in a bowl with different toppings. 

Want to know the truth? These breakfast smoothie bowls taste just like ice-cream, but without sugar, artificial colours, cream or milk.

 First, we're going to prepare a Kesar Pista smoothie bowl rich in flavours. It tastes just like kulfi. 

After that we're going to prepare Instagram-perfect, super beautiful Jamun smoothie bowl. 

Then we're going to prepare a Caramel smoothie bowl rich with crunch of granola. 

And finally, our personal favourite - a juicy Mango smoothie bowl with 3 ingredients.


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