Zomato Fined Rs 55,000 For Delivering Chicken Dish
India Today
Jul 9, 2019

For the first time, Zomato has been fined Rs 55,000 for delivering a non-vegetarian dish instead of a vegetarian dish to a lawyer in Pune.

Lawyer Shamukh Deshmukh had ordered Paneer Butter Masala from Hotel Preet Punjabi Swad in Hinjewadi, Pune. However he received Butter Chicken instead. He did not realise the mistake made by the Hotel and ate the food as it looked very similar. He was fasting and was very hungry. So he did not realise that it was not paneer. 

Only after eating the food he realised the mistake and complained to the hotel and Zomato. They agreed to replace the dish and agreed to refund him the money. When he was sent the replacement food, it was again Butter Chicken. After a few days he filed a case in the consumer court and asked Rs 5 for compensation and Rs 1 lakh for harassment.

The court in Pune found the Hotel and Zomato guilty. For the first time, the Consumer Court in Pune has fined Zomato and the hotel Rs 50,000 for bad service and Rs 5,000 for physical and mental harassment.