Swami Nityananda Starts His own Country
Dec 5, 2019

Swami Nityananda accused of rape has fled the country and founded a country and a new government, while the Gujarat police is still looking for him.

Nityananda  born in Tamil Nadu is Hindu Swami. He became famous after he started an Ashram in Bengaluru. He was a spiritual leader. He had many followers and people said he was just like Osho.In 2010, a sex tape of Nithyananda and a famous actress started circulating. After this many women came forward and said that he has raped and assaulted them. A woman said that he raped her at his ashram while he was giving her spiritual teachings. He used to even kidnap children, beat them and force them to beg to collect money for the ashram. 

Last year, the Gujarat police filed a case against him. However as soon as the Gujarat police filed a case against him, he ran away from India. The police were trying to search for him but could not find him. The police have no idea how he managed to leave India as his passport had expired. On Tuesday 3rd December Nityananda, released a video on his YouTube channel in which he was giving a lecture. 

The police traced the video and found that he had released it from Trinidad and Tobago.After further investigation it was found that the Nityananda has found his own country by buying an island near [Box 09 Ecuador. He has named it ‘Kailaasa’, and called it a new Hindu country. This new country even has its own website and a flag, passport,emblem and even its separate currency. Nityananda said that this country is for all Hindus and they can come here and live their life according to their Hindu beliefs. Free food, education, healthcare, etc. will be given to all.Nithyananda is also allegedly trying to have the United Nations recognize 'Kailaasa' as a nation.However the Indian police can’t find the island. They are tracking the website but are not able to find the island’s location.