Reliance to Digitise 5 Million Kirana Stores
The Times Of India
May 17, 2019

Reliance to sell POS to kirana stores for Rs 3000

India's richest man Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries has over 15,000 digitised retail stores and wants to go over 5 Million stores by 2023. Kirana stores are neighbourhood stores that sell groceries and other sundries. Their plan is to create a market for them with Point-Of-Sale(POS) systems  to create an easy way to order and connect these local stores to the public.

The POS system will help the stores to keep track of sales and stock count with everything being digital and easy to keep track off. This will help keep the business to be more accurate and more efficient. This is a way to implement GST and create a system for consumers and suppliers to keep track of GST. The system also will provide an option to add discounts and send offers to the customers via SMS.

Reliance plans to instal there Jio MPos(Mobile Point -Of-Sale) devices at kirana stores that will work on Jio 4G at the one time cost of  Rs 3000, while other competitors are charging up to Rs 1 Lakh to set up a similar system. There goal is to keep costs low so every kirana store will have a Jio MPos, they will have a loyalty program built in also for the consumers, there program will include marketing, delivery and advertising.