Rajnath Receives First Rafale Jet
Oct 9, 2019

Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh went to France for the handover ceremony of the first Dassault Rafale fighter jets.

In September 2016, India and France had signed a deal for 36 Dassault Rafale fighter jets for Rs. 59,000 crore. Yesterday on Dussehra, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh was in France for the handover ceremony of the first fighter jet. Every year on Dussehra weapons are worshipped. When Rajnath Singh reached France, it was Dussehra this is why he conducted a pooja on the Jet. He cracked a coconut and marked the aircraft with "Om"

He then sat in the jet behind a French pilot for a trial.These jets are very strong. The can attack in the air as well as on the ground at the same time. They can even throw nuclear bombs and missiles. The Defense Minister said this will make India and France’s relationship strong. He also said that these fighter jets will make the Indian Air Force more strong. The Defence Minister said that,  'Rafale' is a French word which means a strong gust of wind. The jets will boost India more strong in the air and help to maintain peace and keep India safe. Rajnath Singh also met with French President Emmanuel Macron. He said the meeting was very productive. Although the hand-over ceremony took place yesterday, the first batch of four Rafale jets will come to India by May 2020.