Iran Accepts Shooting Iran Plane
Jan 14, 2020

Iran has taken responsibility for the crashed Ukrainian flight that was shot down with a missile.

Correction: The topic is “Iran Accepts Shooting Ukraine Plane”

On 8th January, a flight of the Ukraine International Airlines, crashed in Iran killing all of the 176 people on board. Initially the Iran government had said the crash was due to an engine malfunction and wasn’t a terrorist attack. However, since the  crash, the US and Canada have kept saying that Iran was involved in the crash. Iran had initially refused to accept that the crash was their mistake. The USA military then released a video of two missile launches followed by a blip of an explosion.On 11th January theIran Military released a statement saying that Iran had shot down the same aircraft with a missile. 

They said the plane had turned toward a "sensitive military center" of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.The military thought it was a "hostile target." which is why they shot it down with a missile. 

The military said that because of problems with the USA they were at the "highest level of readiness". They were very alert and prepared for any fight.They said it was a human error and have apologized for the incident. The military said that those responsible will be prosecuted. The military also said it would upgrade its systems to prevent future tragedies.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani tweeted, "Investigations continue to identify & prosecute this great tragedy & unforgivable mistake. He deeply regrets this disastrous mistake. My thoughts and prayers go to all the mourning families."