Homemade Food Sellers May Be Fined Up To Rs 5 Lakh
The Better India
Nov 21, 2020

Currently many home chefs are in violation of the FSSAI’s guidelines. Watch our latest video to learn more.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) makes the rules for food storage, manufacturing, distribution, sale, safety etc Acts in the country. During the coronavirus pandemic lockdown there were many new home-chefs and home-bakers who were selling homemade food. But did you know that all homemade food selling operators are required to register with the FSSAI before the start of their business. Homemade food selling operators who have an annual turnover of under Rs 12 Lakh are required to mandatorily register themselves with FSSAI. Those who are above the Rs 12 Lakh limit need to apply for a license.

Not having registered will mean that you will not be able to sell your products online through any delivery app, and could also lead to a ban from the FSSAI. Having the FSSAI registration/license guarantees the customers that the products and goods that you are selling are of good quality. This law is already there since 5th August 2011 but it is only now, during the COVID-19 pandemic that this has come to general light. A news report in newspapers said that many homemade food sellers will face many problems now. If a person does not follow the rules of the FSSAI, they may have to pay a fine of up to Rs 5 Lakh or life-term imprisonment, based on the seriousness of the case. The various home food sellers will face a big problem because many of them have not registered with the FSSAI.