COVID Cases May Increase During Winter
The Indian Express
Oct 18, 2020

Researchers at Australia’s National Science agency have found that coronavirus can survive for up to 28 days on banknotes, glass items like mobile phone screens and stainless steel.

On 11th October, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan during his weekly social media interaction programme Sunday Samvaad said that India may see an increase in the Covid-19 cases during winter as Covid-19 infection is a respiratory virus and the transmission of respiratory viruses’ increases in the colder weather. He added that people must be careful of overcrowding in residential areas. This also increases the transmission of respiratory viruses. He added, “This is the reason why we are emphasizing on strictly following the precautions prescribed by the government. They are so simple. There is no need to fear. Prevention is better than cure.”He added that the Feluda Paper Strip Test could be rolled out in the next few weeks. Covid vaccines are in various stages of phases 1, 2 and 3, the results of which are awaited.  

How will the government decide who gets the vaccine first? The government will prioritize doctors, nurses and healthcare workers who are more at risk of getting the infections. The government will also give the vaccine to young children and people above the age of 65 who have diabetes, BP, etc. Because these people are at a high risk of getting infected and can also die due to infection. These two categories of people will be given priority first. After that the general public will get the vaccine. He also said that the Covid-19 vaccine supplies may be available in limited quantities in the beginning.