China Captures 60km Land in Arunachal Pradesh
The Times Of India
Nov 24, 2019

China captured a part of Arunachal pradesh and BJP MP Tapir Gao has requested the government to protest against it.

As we all know that India and China always face conflicts and disputes with each other.In 2017 there was a conflict between China and India over Doklam which is an area that India and China have been fighting about for a long time. India and China share a 4000km border which does not clearly set a boundary. In 2017, China constructed a road in the4 Doklam area due to which Indian and Chinese armies were fighting for 73 days. 


Tapir Gao, BJP MP from Arunachal said this can happen again because the Chinese have already captured more than  50-60km of the area in Arunachal Pradesh. He asked the government to take note of this issue. He requested leaders of all political parties and media to take action and protest against China. Union Minister Kiren Rijiju insisted that there was absolute peace on the Indo-China border in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.