Baby Loses Arm & Ear in KEM ICU Fire
Mumbai Mirror
Nov 8, 2019

In a heart wrenching tragedy, an infant admitted at Mumbai’s KEM hospital suffered dangerous burns to his body. Watch the video to learn more.

A young couple from Varanasi brought their 4-month-old baby to Mumbai’s KEM Hospital because their child had a hole in his heart. The baby’s name was Prince.He was staying in the KEM hospital PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) for two days. On the third day, an ECG machine was attached to his body. The machine developed a short circuit and there was a fire. This fire spread to his bead.  The fire had spread all over the PICU where there were 40 beds. But only Prince’s bed caught on fire. 

Doctors said that his ear and left had been badly burnt and will need a lot of surgeries. He has injuries on his back as well. The KEM hospital is investigating all the ECG machines and a case has been registered with the police as well.  Prince’s parents are in shock. They said that Varanasi did not have hospitals for complicated heart surgery that is why they got him to Mumbai and now his child is suffering even more.