Alcohol In Goa to Become Expensive
Feb 13, 2020

The party capital of India, Goa, will soon experience a big change with the increase in tax on alcohol.

Goa is famous for its cheap alcohol and its nightlife. However, very soon this is going to change. Pramod Sawant is the Chief Minister as well as Finance Minister of Goa. On 6th February he presented the State Budget for Goa. Tax rate on alcohol products, tabaco, etc has been increased. 

He has increased tax on beer, Indian Made Foreign Liquor, as well as Goa's famous drink — feni. Beer lovers will now have to spend Rs. 5-15 more, while feni's price might increase by Rs. 100-200.

Sawant also changed property rates in Goa. These changes will generate additional revenue of Rs. 250-300 crore, that will be used for infrastructure projects.
These new taxes weren't welcomed by all. The Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry were very unhappy with the Budget.Manoj Caculo, the President said, "The increase in rules & taxes for liquor outlets will affect tourism. While real estate is already under stress, increase in land rates and the corresponding increase in stamp duty will result in hiking real estate prices."