The Free Coconut
Apr 5, 2020

A rich but miser man is out to buy a coconut. Will he get his free coconut? Watch our latest moral story to know more.

Karamchand was a rich man but he was a miser. He never liked to spend money. If he went to buy anything, he used to always bargain. Once, Karamchand went for a walk. It was evening but it was hot. He felt thirsty. He wanted to drink something. 

He saw a tender coconut shop (Green coconut). He asked the seller, “How much does the coconut cost?” 

The seller replied “Rs.40/-“. Karamchand said, “Will you give me Rs. 30/-?” The seller said, “If you walk for 1 KM. you will get if for Rs. 30/-“ Karamchand thought it is better to get it for Rs. 30/- 

He started walking. After sometime he saw another tender coconut seller. The seller was shouting, “Rs. 30/-, Rs. 30/-“ Karamchand asked him, “Will you give me for Rs. 20/-?” The seller said, “No, I cannot. But if you walk for 1 KM you will get it for Rs. 20/-“

Karamchand decided to save more money. He started walking. After walking for some time, he saw a coconut seller near a coconut farm. He asked the seller, “How much does the coconut cost?” The seller replied, “Rs.20/-“ Karamchand thought of bargaining again. He said, “Will you give me for Rs. 10/-“

The seller replied, “Why give me Rs. 10/-? Better you climb the tree yourself. You will get free coconut.” Karamchand was feeling happy. He thought, Wow! I walked a lot, but last I will get free coconut. Karamchand climbed the tree. He was just plucking the coconut when his leg slipped. He fell down on the ground. He had hurt himself. He had many scratches and a hand fracture. His miser behaviour cost him a lot now. 

Moral: Miserliness leads to Misery