Rare Yellow Turtle Spotted in Odisha
Jul 25, 2020

A rare yellow turtle and a yellow bullfrog have been spotted in India recently. Watch our latest video to learn more.

A rare yellow turtle was rescued by villagers in Odisha's Balasore. It was then handed over to the forest department. According to a senior wildlife officer it was rare to see such a beautiful creature. The turtle was spotted in the Sujanpur Village in Sooro district of Balasore. Bhanoomitra Acharya, Wildlife Warden said, "The whole shell and the body of the turtle is yellow. This is a rare turtle; I have never seen one like this." Susanta Nanda, Indian Forest Services (IFS) officer shared a small clip of the turtle.  In a Tweet Nanda wrote, “Close snap of the same. Mark the pink eyes, one indicative feature of an Albino” The turtle is not the only rare creature that has been spotted in India recently.Earlier this month a large group of yellow Indian bullfrogs was spotted in Madhya Pradesh's Narsinghpur district. Bullfrogs are large species of frogs found in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. A short clip was shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan on Twitter. The clip showed the frogs croaking and jumping around in a small water body. Kaswan said the Indian bullfrogs have the ability to change colour during monsoon to attract females.