Eco-Friendly Ganpati Plant
Sep 1, 2020

Watch our latest video to see how you can celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in an eco-friendly way!

For years people have celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi by keeping varying sizes of Ganesha idols. Some place the idols in their homes, while some build beautiful pandals for worshippers. This has been a long tradition. On the last day, the Ganesha idol is then immersed in water. During the immersion, there is a procession where people dance and enjoy. However after the immersion, the water becomes polluted due to paints and the broken pieces of the idols.

People have been under a lockdown for the last 5 months. Still many have brought home small to medium sizes of Ganesha idols in their homes. Instead of visiting people's homes, everyone is maintaining social distance and attending the prayers via video-conference. The last 5 months has seen a vast improvement in the beaches and environment. Now due to the Ganpati immersions, would the oceans go back to being dirty?

A family performed their prayers while the priest was on video call. Later everyone in the house danced and had a procession after which the Ganesha was immersed in a water bucket. The Ganesha was made out of mud. Once the idol dissolves in the water, the water is then poured into a pot on the roadside or the balcony. You can add soil and plant any seed after which a plant will grow out of it. Isn't that great! Now we can keep our oceans and environment safe. When such plants are planted in various places, it provides a healthy life to people. So you all should try this! If the environment is clean and many such trees are planted, we will have clean air to breathe.

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