5th Day of Diwali : Bhai Dooj
Oct 29, 2019

The last day of Diwali is here! Today brothers and sisters all over India will meet each other and celebrate their strong bond. Watch the video to learn the ancient origins of this festival.

Today is Bhai Dooj and it is the final day of Diwali. It means brother’s day. This day celebrates the sister-brother bond. It is similar to rakshabandhan but on this day On this day the womenfolk of the family gather, perform a puja with prayers for the well being of their brothers, then return to a ritual of feeding their brothers with their hands and receiving gifts. You all might wonder, why do we celebrate Bhai Dooj? How did people in India start celebrating It? 

Let me tell you a story about this. Surya is the Sun God. Yamraj (God of Death) and his twin sister Yamuna (the famous yamuna river) were his children. Yamraj and Yamuna were separated by their step-mother . They had not seen each other in a very long time. One day, Yamraj went to see his sister. Yamuna was very happy. She welcomes him by putting a tilak on his forehead. 

Yamuna then asks for a boon. She told Yamraj that if on this day, Brothers go to visit their sisters, then Yamraj will not visit those brothers. This is why since then, every year on the last day of Diwali, brothers go to meet their sisters who pray for their long life. This Bhai Dooj brothers and sisters both must pray and support each other and live life with happiness. All grudges and fights should be forgotten and forgiven. We hope that you all had a lovely Diwali. Tomorrow you will all have to go back to your routine and busy schedules. However don’t be sad. Be motivated to start the new year and work hard for your future.