1st Day of Diwali : Dhanteras
Oct 25, 2019

The most awaited festival of the year is finally here. Today marks the beginning of Diwali. Watch the video to learn about the rituals and celebration of the auspicious day ‘Dhanteras’

Diwali is a very important festival for Hindus. It is celebrated for 5 days. Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. Today is the first day of Diwali and right now, I am sure you are all enjoying your long weekend relaxing at home with family and friends. The last week must be very hectic for all of you. Juggling work, cleaning the house, buying new clothes, buying/making sweets,etc. This is a tradition that we have been doing for years without fail. Whenever Diwali comes close we are filled with excitement to take a break from our busy lives and spend time with family. When understand the importance of festivals and why we celebrate them, we value it more and enjoy it more. Now that you are all relaxing, let me tell you about the importance of the first day of Diwali.Today 25th October is the first day of Diwali, and it is called ‘Dhanteras’

“Dhan” means Wealth and people buy silver, gold biscuits and other metals especially kitchenware because it is believed that any precious metal is a sign of good luck. These days many even buy electronics and appliances. This day is a celebration aimed at increasing wealth and prosperity. 

In ancient times, Diwali was first observed by the citizens of Ayodhya to celebrate the joyful return of King Ram after 14 years of vanvas.People make sure that before Dhanteras their homes and offices are neat and clean. They hang lights outside their houses, draw colourful rangolis. On Dhanteras, the entrance of the house is made beautiful.

On the evening of Dhanteras, families offer prayers to Lakshmi the Goddess of Wealth and  Ganesha the God of Beginnings. People worship them so that wealth and prosperity enters their homes and they start the new year with good luck. Diwali is a festival of happiness and light. On this day people are happy and spread positivity all around them. However there are many who are unable to celebrate the festival due to financial problems or different problems in their lives. So if you come across anyone like that, do try to help them and share your happiness with them. 

Crackers are a must on Diwali and many feel Diwali is incomplete without it. However in 2019, our environment is in grave danger. Pollution levels are rising day by day. You will burst crackers and enjoy today but what about your children, grand children, what about the next generation? Let’s say no to crackers this year and spread light through our good work. During these five days babies, dogs and cats become very afraid due to loud noises. Try avoiding loud crackers because Diwali is about spreading love and happiness.