Qantas Launches World's Longest Flight
Oct 21, 2019

Qantas airlines are starting to fly test flights from New York to Sydney which will be the longest flight in the world at 20 hours. They hope to launch to the public by 2022

Qantas have announced the world's longest flight at 20 hours. The flight will depart from New York  on Friday 18th October and reaches Sydney on Sunday 20th October. It will be a direct flight and there will be no halt. Qantas hopes to have direct flights from Sydney to New York and Sydney to London by 2022. This is the first time such a flight for this distance will be tested. It will only carry 50 passengers. 

Inorder to adjust to the time difference, the passengers will be kept awake for 6 hours and they will be served spicy food so that they do not fall asleep and are alert. This will help passengers in the non stop flight. All the food and drinks given will be monitored.They will even record how passengers feels during the flight and get their feedback.The pilots will also wear brain-monitoring equipment to check on their alertness. The plane will take off with 101 tons of fuel and during the journey it will easily land with that much fuel.