Cement Companies Happy at Pakistan’s MFN Withdrawal
The Hindu
Feb 23, 2019

Indian cement companies rejoice, as the Indian government levies 200% duty on all items imported from Pakistan.

Cement is one of the major items, that is imported from Pakistan. Every year 40,000 to 50,000 tonnes of cement is imported from Pakistan. The Pakistan cement is made of very low quality, so they sell it for cheap. On one bag of 50 Kg cement, the Pakistan Cement companies would make a profit of Rs 100 more than the Indian cement companies.

It was mostly imported by Local traders and small builders, who used the Pakistan cement as it was very cheap. All over North India, the Pakistani cement was widely used. A top cement company in India said that to allow Pakistan to sell cement in India at such a low price is against the Make-in-India concept.The companies tried to tell the authorities that this was not good for business and it was a security threat as well.

Pakistan were given trade benefits because of their MFN status. After the Pulwama attacks, the government has withdrawn their MFN status, and has also imposed a 200% duty on all items imported from Pakistan. The Indian companies are extremely happy about this, as it brings them more business.