Abandoned Sri Lankan Boat Found near Sriharikota
Mumbai Mirror
May 24, 2019

An abandoned boat was found with Sri Lankan registration near launch site of the RISAT-2B satellite in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

On 22nd May 2019, India successfully launched the RISAT-2B satellite into the earth’s orbit.

Around 15 KM away north of the Krishnapatnam Port near Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh an abandoned boat was found right before the launch. The boat had Sri Lankan registration and was found by fishermen about 4km of the shore. On the boat they found two 20-liter oil cans with Sri Lankan stickers, an empty 5-liter water bottle, a blanket and burnt beedis (cigarettes).

The boat was fitted with an expensive Yamaha engine which was missing when the police got to the boat after being called by the locals. They boat was pulled onto the shore on 18th May but the police were not called until 21st May by which time the engine was already gone.

According to the police no suspicious materials were found on the boat. They have chose to remain cautious and will be searching the area for anything suspicious. The police have a feeling that terrorists may have escaped Sri Lanka after the deadly Easter bombings. The 26/11 terror strikes in Mumbai was also carried out by terrorists who entered India via boats.