World Cup 2019 : India Vs NZ Match Washed Out
The Times Of India
Jun 14, 2019

The India vs New Zealand match held in Nottingham, England was abandoned due to heavy rains. The ICC has been accused by all the fans of incompetence.

Yesterday’s India vs New Zealand was extremely unlucky. This was the fourth match to be cancelled due to rains at this year's World Cup. Since the match was abandoned each team will get 1 point each. The match was delayed from the start. It had been raining for two days straight before the match in Nottingham, England. The toss did not even taking place. The rain did not slow down on the day of the match. The umpires had a last inspection of the pitch at 7:30 pm IST and decided to abandon the match without a ball being bowled.

Out of the 4 matches that were abandoned 3 were cancelled without a toss and without a single ball being balled. The ICC have said that ticket money will be returned to the fans if a bowl has not been bowled. However many fans said that they had bought the tickets on the black market and they have lost a lot of money.One man who flew in from Singapore just for this match said he paid Rs 70,000 for a ticket on the black market. This is not counting his hotel and plane ticket costs and will be only getting a fraction of that money back.

Rains are very common in England. It was raining for two days before the match and there weren’t enough ground covers as well. Because of this field could not dry up in time. Sourav Ganguly said that the Eden Gardens, Kolkata have full ground covers which were bought from England. He said that he does not know why the ICC were not prepared for the bad weather. India will play Pakistan on Sunday 16th June in  Manchester where the weather is also not looking too great.