Over 100 Children Die in Bihar Due to Encephalitis
Jun 20, 2019

More than 100 children have died over the past three weeks in Muzaffarpur, Bihar due to Acute Encephalitis.

Tragedy has struck Muzaffarpur a city in Bihar.  More than 100 children have died over the past three weeks. They have died from inflammation or infection in the brain, also known as Acute Encephalitis. It is a brain disease caused by a virus or toxins that are connected to the lychee fruit. Local officials have said that nearly 400 children have been admitted to just two hospitals since the start of the year.

According to the Indian Journal of Medical Research between 2008 and 2014 there were 44,000 cases of the disease in India mainly in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar with 6000 people having died. In the Muzaffarpur area there are 117 deaths were reported in 2014 due to Acute Encephalitis. This year already 109 children have died alone. Many are blaming the Heat Wave and some have blamed mosquitoes and now the lychee fruit.

Local officials are blaming the lychee fruit. However there is no hard evidence to prove that it is the cause.The production and harvest of the lychee is under investigation. The health authorities have said all the children had low blood sugar before they died and the liver could not counterbalance the toxins that had entered the body.

Children are at higher risk due to there low immunity and malnutrition. The parents do not know what toxins are in the fruits. The  Indian Ministry of Health has sent “High Level Team” to Muzaffarpur to support the state and their doctors.