Indian Couples Decide Not to Have Children
Jan 25, 2020

Following the philosophy of Antinatalism, many Indians have decided not to have children due to increasing over population and environmental reasons.

Having children is natural for many and becoming parents is the most fulfilling experience of their lives. In India the decision to be child-free, for any reason, is difficult. Pressure from family, friends, partners and society is extreme. When couples get married everyone assumes they will soon have children.However now there are many who have decided to not have children.‘Antinatalism’ is a philosophy that believes it’s cruel to bring humans into this overburdened world. One couple said that they have been married for 13 years and do not have children by choice. Our hum do, hamare do family is completed by our two adopted dogs.They have never wanted biological children and if they really feel like having children they will only adopt. 

The couple say that their reasons are not unusual. Parenthood is not for everyone; raising a child is difficult financially and emotionally.The couple say they find happiness in many other ways. This is why they decided not to have a baby.However in the last 10 years they have found another reason not to have children.In India there are so many problems going on. Political problems, environmental problems, financial problems, infrastructure problems, etc. Living in India right now is not easy. Life is very difficult and there is a lot of stress. Since they will not be able to fully protect the child, the Couple say that this is why they have decided to not have children. All these problems have one root cause. It is overpopulation. 

Manav a Health & Science Professor (39) said that he had decided not to have children when he was 18 years old. This because his family had many health problems and did not want to pass it down to his children. He says that India is a very difficult place to live. There are so many problems. If his child inherited the same medical problems as him then the child’s life would become more difficult. This is why he decided not to have children.India has a population of 1.3 billion people. We will overtake China and become the most populated country by 2024. In the next two years Delhi & Bengaluru will run out of water. People in Delhi had damaged lungs due to the air pollution. The education quality in India is not good enough. Employment is a problem. Due to all these reasons, many of the younger generation of the country have decided to not have children.