Emirates Fires 600 Pilots in a Day
Money Control
Jun 12, 2020

On 9th June Emirates fired 600 pilots in one day. Watch our latest video for all the information.

Emirates is a state-owned Dubai airline. On 9th June Emirates fired 600 pilots including some Indian pilots also.  For the first time, an airline has fired so many pilots in one day. The airline began reducing its workforce on 31st May when it fired 180 pilots. After the latest round of firing, a total of 792 pilots have been sacked by Emirates. Reports had earlier said that the airlines will lay off 30 percent of its crew and pilots. This means about 30,000 employees.

Sources said that most of the pilots sacked on 9th June were first officers who were under training on the A380 aircraft. The A380 aircraft is the world’s largest passenger aircraft. Emirate is a premium airline and it is the world’s largest operator of the A380 aircraft. Now they have fired these pilots. Emirates spokesperson said, “As earlier communicated, we at Emirates have been doing everything possible to retain the talented people. However, pandemic has had a huge impact on our business; we cannot continue excess staff. We need to reduce our employees on the basis of reduced operations.Emirates said, "Your last day of service would be 15th June and you will continue to receive your usual company medical benefits. If you are unable to return home due to travel restrictions, your visa will be extended.”