Boy Loses Eyesight After Eating Junk Food
India Today
Sep 7, 2019

A 17-year-old was declared legally blind due to his unhealthy eating habits.

The 17-year-old boy from the U.K only ate french fries,chips,white bread, etc.for many years. He never ate any fruits or vegetables. His mother said that he would never eat his lunch in school and only liked eating junk food. When he was 14 he visited the doctor because of severe tiredness. Doctors found that he had extremely less vitamins in his body and his bones were very badly damaged. His hemoglobin was very low as well. He had also lost minerals from his bones. This was very unusual for his age.Doctors said that he looked fit and did not look malnourished. They gave him vitamin injections and advised to eat fruits vegetables and be healthy. 

Over the years, he started losing his eyesight but the doctors could not understand why. At 17 years of age, He has blind spots right in the middle of his vision. That means he can't drive and would find it difficult to read, watch TV or discern faces.He can walk around on his own though because he has peripheral vision.This can treatable if diagnosed early, but the damage can be irreversible if it's not treated quickly. This shows that what you eat has a direct effect on your eyes and physical health. Just because you eat a lot of junk food and look fit from outside does not mean that internally you are fit. Children need to eat a healthy and balanced diet of fruits and vegetables to grow. If they do not eat well, it will have a bad effect on their health.