Anti Muslim Riots in Sri Lanka
The Hindu
May 16, 2019

Post the recent terror attacks last month, in Sri Lanka, anti Muslim riots have broken out there. Despite the imposition of a curfew, one person has died.

The bomb blasts in Sri Lanka took place on 21st April. On 13th May (Monday), anti Muslim riots spread to three districts to the North of Colombo. Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka. These riots were mostly led by Christian led groups. A curfew was imposed in the island nation. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that the curfew was imposed to prevent some unidentified groups from spreading communal violence.

Certain groups of rioteers even tried to attack Mosques. The police fired shots in the air, and used tear gas to scatter them.

Despite the curfew, a crowd of rioters killed a Muslim man. The man was 45 years old. He was admitted to a hospital in Puttulam district, but died shortly after that. A police official said that the rioters attacked him with sharp weapons from his carpentry workshop.

The Prime Minister said that the police and security forces are trying to maintain peace, but some groups are trying to create trouble.

Chandana Wickramaratne is the Sri Lankan Police Chief. In a TV address, he warned the rioters that the police would take stern action against them. He issued orders to the constables, to use maximum force.

Police have said that there were incidents of stone pelting and arson. Arson is the act of purposely setting fire to a property.

The police officer also added that the rioteers were trying to make use of this situation for their own political gains.