Emirates Makes Drinking Water!
Dec 13, 2020

99 % of the world’s water cannot be drunk as it is too salty or too frozen. Emirates, which is surrounded by oceans, came up with some crazy ideas to solve their water problems.

If you try to drink water from the ocean it will be salty. It will dehydrate you and eventually kill you. This is the reason why no one drinks ocean water.  But if there is no fresh water to drink then what happens? Emirates is one of the driest countries in the world with very little water, no rivers and rain for only 10 days in a year. It is surrounded by salty ocean water and 90 % of its ground water is also salty. 10 million people live in the desert with not enough water to drink. The water cannot be used by humans nor for animals. This problem is not just the Emirates but 99 % of the world’s water cannot be drunk as it is too salty or too frozen. But Emirates solved the problem by finding water.

The first thing they did is to collect the ocean water, and built many factories that specialize in removing salt from water. The ocean water is put under pressure and through a filter that does not allow salt to enter. Salty water goes in from one side and fresh water exists from the other side. Everyday billions of litres of ocean water is cleaned this way. Salty ocean water enters the filter and leaves clean. 90 % of the entire country’s water comes from the ocean. It is the highest in the world. This water is used to feed the animals, feed the plants and it is very cool, and is drinkable.

After these desalination machines, Emirates had another crazier idea. Instead of cleaning water, they created new water.This is true.  I will tell you how they did it. They sent planes all the way to the clouds and released salt in the air. Because of the salt, the clouds grow bigger, heavier and eventually they rain fresh water. This is called cloud seedingIn 2017, this cloud seeding was done almost every day. When that rain water falls to the ground, they catch all the rain water and collect it in a huge dam. This fresh water keeps the people alive. The rain water was supposed to go to the ocean and become salty, but they caught it before it went to the ocean. In the middle of a dam, they made this lake of freshwater. From desalination to cloud seeding to dam building to well building humans are doing the impossible to find water. We have to go and seed clouds and do all this complicated stuff for water so it is simple that at least we save water.