Creative Ways to Use Food Scraps
Dec 26, 2020

See the video to know how food scraps can be used in different ways instead of just throwing it away.

Most of the time we throw away the food scraps like peels, skin, shells etc. Or we use it for food compost to make manure for plants. Here are ways food scraps can be used in other things as well.

1. Soda

Do you have wilted roses in the house? Add flat soda to the vase. Sugar in the soda will revive the flower and they will look fresh.

2. Egg Shells

Take egg shells, flour, water and food colour. Grind it in a mixer. Pour the paste in a bag. Take an empty lip balm container. Pour the mixer from the bag to the container. You have a pinkish chalk ready.

3. Moldy Bread

If you have moldy bread at home, cut the center – non moldy part with a cutter. Use this part to clean walls. Gluten in the bread absorbs scuff marks. 

4. Sour milk

Pour sour milk in a pan; put a rusted fork or spoon in it. Lactic acid in the milk dissolves the rust. The rust from the spoon or fork can be removed and the spoon / fork looks new.

5. Orange peel

Take an empty peel of orange. Add olive oil and a wick. Use it as a candle. You will have candles of citrus scents that last for hours!

6. Grapefruit and Salt

Rub the edges of the grapefruit in salt. Rub this salted grapefruit in the sink. Citric acid dissolves grime in the sink and makes it shine again.

7. Apple Peels

Take apple peels and waste parts of the apple and water. Bring it to a boil. Remove peels and add 1 cup of sugar. Let it thicken and chill it. Apple jam is ready.