Tesla May Come to India
Sep 26, 2020

The Karnataka government is currently in talks with the electronic vehicle maker Tesla to set up a research facility in Bengaluru.

For a few years Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of EV (Electric Vehicles) maker Tesla, has been saying that their cars would come to India. Musk had promised India that Tesla will come to India. This promise is still not fulfilled. Musk had also said that because of strict and import duties on EVs, he has not been able to launch in India. On 10th September Tesla had a meeting with the officials of the Karnataka government who are seeking investment from the company in a research facility. A person familiar with the development informed that Tesla has shown interest to invest in a research and innovation center in Karnataka but emphasized that the talks are at a preliminary stage. There will be a meeting later this month. During this meet, the state officials will give Tesla executives a detailed proposal for the research center investment.
If the talks with the Karnataka government are successful then the research center in Bengaluru could give Tesla an opportunity to enter the Indian EV market. Bengaluru already has famous automobile companies like Daimler, Bosch, Mahindra Electric, Ola Electric, Sun Mobility, and Ather. The Karnataka state officials and Elon Musk has not officially commented on the matter.