Iran Offers $3 million to Kill Trump
Business Insider
Jan 24, 2020

An Iranian Member of Parliament has announced a $3 million bounty on Donald Trump on behalf of the Kerman people in Iran.

You all know about the problems between the USA and Iran.The Kerman is a place in Iran. Qassem Soleimani, the senior Iranian commander whom Trump had killed was from Kerman. The people of Kerman are very angry at Trump for killing their beloved leader. Ahmad Hamzeh is a Member of Parliament (MP) of Iran. 

In the Iran Parliament, Ahmad said, if anyone kills President Donald Trump, the people of Kerman will pay that person  $3 million. There is no indication that these proposals are supported by the Iranian government. This is the second time a person from Iran has threatened to kill Trump.US officials said that Iran’s threats of killing Trump are ridiculous. But shows the nature of Iran and they need to change their behaviour.